Royal Academe is Closed

by DonnaG Saturday, May 16, 2015


Julia and I have now closed the Royal Academe and store.  Julia is off to the adventure of young motherhood, and this grandma will be flying solo on my new website, MentoringOurOwn.Com, as the Homeschool Mommy Mentor. Thank you Julia for all of your love, support, and help in our partnership of Royal Academe!!!

I have consolidated the store and blogposts into my new website.  Please visit us there. I invite you to sign up for our free newsletter to receive tips, articles, announcements and specials etc. delivered right to your email!

Thank you all for your patience in working with the recent difficulties of this site and store. Our store has been bombarded with thousands upon thousands of hack attempts and spam blasts which slowed or locked up the store so many times. Our new site is in position to deal with and clear these kinds of problems quickly, should they happen.

I look forwards to seeing you on my new site!





How to Get into the Productivity Zone

by DonnaG Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are you feeling lost in the demands of life? Do you feel invisible? Do you feel like you have no time? Have you ever tried “cluster-thinking,” or “cluster-brainstorming?” Let’s do a cluster of areas we want to focus on for our lives. This is not an exercise to overwhelm, this is an exercise to bring clarity and focus to our lives. Take a moment and draw out your life. What are the big things that press on you?  Home?  Husband? Each child? Callings? Put a circle for each area of demands or areas that you are actively managing. Now make spokes out from each circle and list the things you feel you need to do there. Some of those will have spokes and yet small circles extending.

Now do this again, but this time cluster where you actually spend your time.

Look at both charts. Are you there?  Did you include yourself? Too often we are overwhelmed and see all the things we do and need to do.  When we really get in a crisis pattern and are overwhelmed, we do not see ourselves. But how do we break this cycle?  <more>
Have you read "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey? He includes a Time Management Matrix of four quadrants:
1. Important and Urgent / 2. Important, but not Urgent
3. Not Important, but Urgent/ 4. Not Important and Not Urgent

1. The Important/Urgent 

(This is an area we need to manage.)
These are probably areas you listed in your first cluster showing all the areas you want to focus on. Here are the deadlines, the crisis, and pressing problems. For homeschool moms it is often the constant battle between running a home and homeschooling their children. When they are homeschooling they are feeling guilty because they are not cleaning, so they drop the homeschooling when the home presses on them enough then they feel guilty they are not homeschooling. If they have little ones a home business, or both, life can become a 3 to 4 ring circus of suffocating demands. In this area are our daily fire-fights and some things that we could delegate to someone else. This is crisis living at its worst!

2. Important, but Not Urgent
 (The Zone of victory.)
This tends to get pushed to the back burner. Here is where you carve out time and prevent the life from becoming a constant battle of guilt and crisis. This is where we bring focus to our lives, magnifying our callings as wives, mothers, and things God is calling us to do, but doing so in wisdom and order. This quadrant is the quadrant of planning, building relationships, prevention, wholesome recreational activities, personal development, and learning. This area is the key to overcoming and preventing the crisis living of quadrant one. It is where we bring simplicity, harmony, and victory to our lives.

3. Not Important, but Urgent
(We need to avoid these.)
This area includes things that have an illusion of importance, such as faking ourselves out with busy work, maybe not our problem, and often pressing matters that have little impact. Sometimes these are phone calls, some mail, some meetings, or trendy popular activities. Are we "thickly involved in thin things?" We need to min
imize stress.

4. Not Important and  Not Urgent
(Wasteful, trivial, and escape)
This area of low stress and is where we go to escape by being entertained. If this is used wisely, (rarely) this can reduce stress. If not used wisely, this can become a roadblock to growth and productivity. This is a place of internet surfing, gaming, trivia, time wasters, busy work, etc.

Come to the Winter Conference learn how to claim quadrant two, refocus, gain clarity, and how to live in victory, through the Five Foundational Systems of Becoming a Homeschool Rockstar.

We invite you to drop by our table; we would love to meet to you!



Home Schooling through the Christmas Season

by DonnaG Thursday, November 20, 2014

We often come across questions on Facebook, Yahoo, or even through email that we feel would best answered on the blog, because we feel so many can benefit from the answer. This question was on a Facebook Homeschool group today:

Homeschool Question: "I've been toying with the idea of taking December 'off'. Does anyone else do this? I want to have FUN! I want to bake, sew, all the things we never seem to have time for. I'm scared to let go! Maybe we'll at least do math everyday. Anyone else here take December off?"

First, you do not have to give up homeschool to enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Try Power of an Hour. And since the Power of an hour is an only an hour, it is a thread that can run through the year as a spiritual- intellectual devotional! It is scripture, classic, and focused learning. This is just one hour! Then you can do all you want to do, and it can be school too! Read Full Post...

The Bicycle Approach to Homeschool

by DonnaG Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Keep Pedaling and Moving Forward!

When parents begin to homeschool, many look for a curriculum as a vehicle to help move their children towards being educated. Maybe the vehicle is not just a curriculum, but taking other things into account that impact children's character, work ethic, brain development, core body balance, executive function, socialization and more.

The Wheel Guides You
*  Family Work and Basic Habits, because without this spoke, most children rarely develop the work ethic to do tough work of scholarly learning.

* The Gateway (about 1 hour). This is a Spiritual/Intellectual Devotional or cottage school approach. Power of an Hour: Gateway to a Classical Education:
1) Bible Study
2) Classic Read Aloud and Discussion
3) Focused Learning. This expands their horizons and gives them food for thought.

* Daily Walk, Fresh Air, and Play Hard! Walk, run, climb, spin, slide, swing, brachiate, balance, and crawl. This helps build brain tissue, right and left brain integration, and a healthy central core body strength. All of this builds health, attention span, and focus.

* Socialization, graciousness, and refinement begins in the home. Parents lead and teach by example. Comeliness, hospitality, table manners, inside voices, showing gratitude, civility, kindness, compassion, repentance, forgiveness, respect, and grace.

The Rear Wheel Rotations are the Power that Propels you Forward

Rotations are all happening at the same time. Each rotation session begins short and expands with attention span as they grow n attention. Begin with the youngest, giving attention and focus for whatever they need, and all the others are in independent learning for the first round. Then rotate to the next oldest and have the oldest child rotate to be with the youngest.

* Mentoring—This is one-on-one whatever they need, such as, coaching and encouragement, discussion, perhaps a lesson in personal learning skills, help with a math concept, help with goal setting, trouble shooting challenges, listening, singing, knitting, or whatever they needed.

* Recess- Once you had been available with the youngest, work your way up to the next oldest and rotated the oldest child to work with the youngest. This is recess, playing with the little ones, singing with them, building, playing, whatever they need.

* Independent Learning- While mentoring one child and another child is having recess with those in core phase (those not transitioning yet, generally under 6) and the rest are in independent learning time doing transcription, reading, memorizing, working on projects, etc.

Using these two wheels will get you a long way towards an education for a whole life!

Give Your Child an EDGE in Life!

by DonnaG Thursday, October 2, 2014


Many parents struggle with what are the best options for their preschool aged children.

Consider that age three is when children develop trust. They need to be with mom, not with others, no matter how awesome the program is. Boys typically develop later than girls. Most boys are not "developmentally ready" for kindergarten at age five.

Preschool is unnecessary for healthy child development. Early academics are not how to give children the EDGE.

Read to them. Take walks with them. Invite them to help you in the kitchen, sort and fold laundry, and clean together.

Avoid the need to "entertain."
Rather, think of giving them the EDGE!

Edify your child through prayer, faith based songs, Bible verse memorization, and Bible stories.

Develop their heart and brain, with family work, family play, service, habits, as well as, lots of running, climbing, crawling, jumping, spinning, sliding, brachiating, and balancing to integrate the brain.
Grow your child, through healthy diet, exercise, sunshine, and rest.
Engage your child's heart, mind, and imagination through shared stories, family history stories, nursery rhymes, singing children's songs / folk songs, visiting museums, going to the zoo, exploring the world around your child, gardening, handwork/crafts and experimenting on new knowledge. Also, speak descriptively, use color, size, direction, time language, and quantity. This builds their vocabulary and builds a reference of understanding needed later for math and science.  Read Full Post...

Less is More

by DonnaG Thursday, August 21, 2014

Less is more, especially when it comes to commitments to things outside of God, family, and home. When outside commitments rise, the time to: draw near to God, do laundry, make nutritious meals, read that book, sew that outfit, paint that painting, time with spouse, time with children, and for wholesome recreational activities can decrease dramatically. An over busy life turns desired projects, the resources, and tools to do them, into a burden. A cluttered life or an over scheduled life can become a weighty burden of distance from God, our source of strength, as well as, family, the not done projects, neglected learning, and the under developed talents. Then turns all of it into clutter and guilt. Read Full Post...

Mall of America: A Gateway to Love of Learning

by Julia Monday, June 2, 2014

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to join bloggers from around the world on an cross country RV tour that was epic in its nature. The best part is that my husband and kids came with me. I was excited to learn how many of my fellow bloggers were homeschooling their kids. Since our trip was technically during the normal school year there was discussion amongst the other home school moms on whether they should home school their kids or not while on our journey. My answer for my family was YES home school, but not in the way you might think. Since my children are young and I believe in developmentally appropriate learning I knew this whole trip would be a learning experience.  The focus on learning at their age shouldn’t be about workbooks, facts and mastery. It should be about fun, play, and imagination. 

On our journey we did have many amazing experiences. My favorite was the day we spent at Mall of America. We started our day with an fact filled presentation about Bloomington and the Mall of America. My family learned fun things like:

- Did you know there is no sales tax on clothes in Minnesota? Yeah they consider food, clothes, and gas all necessities of life and therefore don’t charge tax for them.

- Did you know that they release thousands of Lady bugs within Mall of America each year on Earth Day in place of pesticides for the more than 30,000 plants and over 400 trees which act as natural air purifiers for this epic Mall?

- Did you know that the Mall of America is so huge that 32 Boeing 747’s could fit inside the Mall? Read Full Post...


Cleaning Creation Plan of Seven Zones

by DonnaG Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This is my zone plan! 

I begin by tidying the area. Then I work from the ceiling to the floor. Do cobwebs need clearing?  Do wall need wiping? What is the purpose of the room? Are there things in the room that do not belong there? Do books and possessions need to be reassessed, sorted, and inventoried? I can work a zone in as little as 15 minutes in a day, if I have an hour great. The next day I pick up where I left off. I stay with a zone each available day until it is completed and then can move to the next zone. Some zones can be completed in a week, others will take much longer. It all depends on consistency and how much time you giver yourself each time.Read Full Post...

Creating a Beautiful Home

by DonnaG Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am an artist and I love to create! Did you know that organizing is another word for creating? Looking at home making, family rhythms and domestic tasks as creative work, really changed things up for me. Read Full Post...

Product Revisions Update

by DonnaG Thursday, April 17, 2014

Periodically we review our products and update them if needed. As this occurs we add them to our Revised Product List.  This page is where we will post all updates.

If you have previously ordered a product that has now been updated, you can download the new updated product FREE. Go to the store, log in into your account and download your products. Follow the directions on the front page of the store. 

View Current List Here.  Revised Edition Product List.pdf (60.09 kb)